Awkward! Huma’s thesis on loving Anthony and the price of campaigning comes out right after his latest round of sex chat revelations

Huma Abedin professes her love for her husband in an unfortunately-timed essay in Harper’s Bazaar which came out immediately hours after another woman revealed the sex chats she had with the disgraced former Congressman. 

The article comes as a vow of maintain for his bid to become New York City’s next mayor, and was released the morning after the notoriously personal Abedin spoke out at his press conference Tuesday where he confirmed that he will not be dropping out of the race. 

Public have said many things about my husband—some nice, some not so nice. And that will definitely continue. Launching this campaign was not a simple decision for our family to make. Putting yourself out there comes with a charge,’ she wrote in Harper’s Bazaar.


When her husband Anthony Weiner launched his campaign to run for mayor of New York City two years following resigning from Congress amid a Twitter sexting scandal, he said that there were other women who would come forward with allegation against him. 

Her husband’s bid for Mayor changed all that. She first appeared in single of his campaign ads and through her press conference debut on Tuesday when she read a statement in defense of her partner.

‘Anthony’s made several horrible mistakes both before he resigned from congress and after but I do very strongly think that that is between us.


‘I adore him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him.’

For his part, Weiner said that his wife was alert that he was still making contact with women he had never met even after he resigned, and he said that his June 2011 leaving from Congress was not the end to his inappropriate behavior.

‘She knew all along this procedure as I was more and more truthful with her, I told her everything so this is something we knew going into this season of (campaigning).

‘I’m happy and sacred that she has given me a second chance. For the past some months I have asked New Yorkers to give me a second chance.

‘It’s in our rear view mirror but it’s not far and we continue to work on our wedding. Frankly we’re in a lot superior place today or else I would not have run for mayor.’

Several public figures have come out to maintain Abedin, praising her remarks at the press conference, including Donald Trump who called her inspiring. JC189361

Congressman Charles Rangel, who has been the Democratic representative for Harlem for over 40 years, echoed that sentiment on MSNBC Wednesday morning. 

‘Nobody that I know understands at all what Anthony Weiner was thoughts about and right now, I think you would agree that we all are concerned about his wife. She’s a brave woman,’ Congressman Rangel told MSNBC on Wednesday. .

The first came in the June 30, 2012 issue of People Magazine, where they posed for a family representation and Weiner opened up concerning how they had worked through their problems.


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