Terms of Use

  Occasional visitor:

  Visitors who have not defined the www.eternal-cemetery.com account will visit the memorials, but they can buy a memorial or post text / image / video in existing memorials. Also, do not post Flower / lumanri / wreaths on the memorial.
  Registered visitor:
The visitor who has an account is logged on www.eternal-cemetery.com defined and will have the following rights and facilities:

-can buy a memorial or more. The price is paid by card or by SMS (Romania-Vodafone). Period display of the memorial is the existence of this site. The acquisition memorial memorial can select graphics and background music. The user who bought a memorial can post details of the deceased, the deceased’s picture, text and main memorial, too, can post as many pictures / movies (links to youtube.com). Free, one owner may submit one candle one flower crown.

-can visit where existing memorials can post free condolences, photos and videos (links to youtube.com). Also, you can buy flowers / candles or crowns (card payments online or by sms (Vodafone / Cosmote Romania).

  Users-their obligations:

Users have the obligation not to post any obscene, trivial, or any other material categorized as inconsistent with the spirit of this site (insults, threats, accusations, etc …).

Administrator can always delete any post / text / image / video and can even cancel memorial paid (without refund amounts) or accounts of users who do not respect these conditions, without notice .. Cancellation of a user account deletion leads to all memorials bought it, all texts / pictures / movies / flowers / candles / crowns posted it on our website.